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How to add custom pre-ons to a Xenopixel saber Hello There! If you’re anything like us, you like to tinker with your Xenopixel saber. But there isn’t much material out there for how you’d go about adding a custom sound font with a pre-on to Xenopixel - though this video by Absolute Sabers is still a great primer for adding custom sound fonts! That said, if you have a custom pre-on included with your sound font, the process is trickier. You’ll need to REPLACE an existing pre-on in order to load yours correctly. Before we get there, let’s go over each of...

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It can be confusing if you're just starting out; we know. We've been there, too.

All of these different types of lightsabers are usually considered dueling-worthy, or Combat Ready, but have huge ranges in how much they cost. While some of that depends on scarcity in the market, most of them range based on their main type, or "tier".

We like to (over)simplify this to three main tiers:

  1. Economy
  2. Neopixel
  3. Unlocked

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There are seven known forms of lightsaber combat, each with their own unique style, patterns of movement, and particular focus:

  1. Form I: Shii-Cho
  2. Form II: Makashi
  3. Form III: Soresu
  4. Form IV: Ataru
  5. Form V: Shien/Djem So
  6. Form VI: Niman
  7. Form VII: Juyo/Vaapad

These forms were historically developed in order chronologically by the Jedi to face different challenges; therefore, Form I is the oldest and original form of lightsaber combat that was formally developed, and Form VII was the last.

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