How to add custom pre-ons to a Xenopixel saber

How to add custom pre-ons to a Xenopixel saber

How to add custom pre-ons to a Xenopixel saber

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If you’re anything like us, you like to tinker with your Xenopixel saber. But there isn’t much material out there for how you’d go about adding a custom sound font with a pre-on to Xenopixel - though this video by Absolute Sabers is still a great primer for adding custom sound fonts!

That said, if you have a custom pre-on included with your sound font, the process is trickier. You’ll need to REPLACE an existing pre-on in order to load yours correctly. Before we get there, let’s go over each of the pieces you need to know.

Preparing the sound font

To understand the process, there are two folders to be aware of:
  1. The sound font folder itself you want to add to your saber
  2. The “set” folder - which is essentially a kind of “master folder” for the saber

The sound font folder

Your custom sound font usually has decent naming conventions, so we’ll assume the following file names that are important for the pre-on bit:

  • preon (1).wav - this is the actual pre-on sound you want to use
  • font (1).wav - this is the name of the sound font, but we’ll also use this file to name your pre-on when switching between them on the saber.

The “set” folder

Inside the “set” folder, there are a few files that are important to this process:

  • blade (1).wav through blade (9).wav - these are the selection sounds for the different pre-on settings
  • preon (1).wav through preon (7).wav - there can only be seven of these, which we’ll explain shortly
  • config.ini - this is the master configuration file that we’ll need to make edits to for this to work properly

In the config.ini file, you’ll notice there is a comment in the file that states this:

#Default style of each font(Standard blade=0,blaster blade=1,ghost blade=2,special preon=3/4/5/6/7/8/9)

There is an offset you need to keep track of, where this “special preon=3” would actually be preon (1).wav, 4 would be preon (2).wav, and so on. This is why you cannot have more than 7 defined pre-on WAV files!

Copying over the sound font

You’ll notice on your SD card that there are folders called numbers - for our example, let’s assume you have folders for 1 through 34 and the set folder.
We’ll also assume the following conditions apply:
  • You want to replace preon (7).wav with your new custom pre-on
  • You want to place your new sound font as the primary default font on your saber

So to do this, here's the process:

Moving the sound font onto the SD card

  1. Rename the current folder 1 on the SD card to 35, assuming that "34" is the last numbered folder on the SD card
  2. Copy the new sound font folder to the SD card and name it 1.

Moving necessary files into the "set" folder

  1. In the sound font folder, rename preon (1).wav to preon (7).wav - remember, we’re assuming you’re cutting out preon (7).wav, so you can substitute a different number here if you want to cut a different preon.
  2. Copy the preon (7).wav and font (1).wav files to the “set” folder on the SD card, overwriting the pre-on file in the process
  3. In the “set” folder, delete blade (7).wav and rename font (1).wav to blade (7).wav - again, this assumes you’ve decided to cut preon (7).wav. If you want to cut a different one, make sure the number in parentheses matches between the blade and preon files that you’re manipulating here

Editing the config.ini file

config.ini file preview for Xenopixel

  1. Open up the config.ini file and scroll down to where it lists out the Color defaults
    1. Color-1=(255,0,0),0,800,800,9              
    2. Color-2=(255,255,0),2,500,500,8
    3. etc.
  2. Rename the "Color-1" line to "Color-35" and move it to the end of the list
  3. Create a fresh “Color-1” statement with your desired defaults. Be sure that the last number is 9 to match against the new preon (7).wav file. (if you're replacing a different pre-on WAV file, be sure to +2 to your number in this statement to account for the offset

That’s it! Reassemble your saber with the modified SD card and test out your new pre-on!

Questions? Email us at or DM on Instagram @deluxesabers.

Thanks, and May The Force Be With You!


Looking for OUR custom fonts?

We've done most of the hard work for you to plug and play - a text file with simplified instructions are available for download with the sound fonts and a backup of the default Xenopixel "set" folder.

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